Lucky Coin Multisport’s mission is to build interest in triathlon among the youth in our community. During our inaugural year, we hosted 3 races and averaged 45 registrants per race. In 2019 we added a fourth race and saw an overall 50% growth in registrations. Because of COVID and pool availability, we were only able to host two races last season, both were at capacity per gathering size restrictions. We are excited to return in 2021 with all four races and continued to opportunity to grow interest and participation numbers.

Sponsors help us make the race experience safe and memorable for our participants. Sponsorship also provides a way for local companies to support the community and gain exposure to parents, volunteers, officials, and spectators. If you or the company you work for is interested in sponsoring these events, please download the sponsor guide for information. You can signup to be a sponsor online.

Download information about our sponsorship opportunities.


Tesoro Team
Good luck to all the participants from The Tesoro Team!
Team Z
Team Z is an Adult Group Triathlon Training Program and is about having fun, building a sense of community, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. That’s not to say that we don’t take our training seriously! We believe it is important to work hard to achieve our goals and have fun spending time with our teammates along the way. We have proven time and time again that you can be a successful and serious athlete and enjoy yourself at the same time. Everyone can do it.

The reason our members can accomplish their goals with consistency is a credit to the organization and culture of our team, and that all starts with vision. To drive a community in a common direction, you need to set a common goal. Once the goal has been set, all you need to be successful is an intelligent plan to guide you, and a little bit of support along the way.