Eligibility and Practice Groups

Trident youth practices are broken down into three groups: Bronze, Silver, and Elite. Read on before you register to be sure your child will be in the right group. 


Developmental athletes are our younger swimmers or those new to swimming.
Athletes 6-8 will be placed in Bronze
Motivated athletes 9-11 with who are legal in three strokes and/or have All Star or USA Swimming B Times may be placed in Silver.
Athletes 12+ will be placed in Silver or the high school level practice (if ability allows), unless they are unable to maintain the practice regimen.

While we are a triathlon team, developmental swimming will always include all four strokes and distances consistent with regular USA Swimming meets. At higher levels in triathlon (with youth, but primarily with adults) we will train for specific triathlon races and distances, including open water sighting, pool swim turns, and tri-specific swim technique.

Additionally, swimmers may remain registered "unattached" with USA Swimming and compete in regular USA Swimming meets.

Bike and Run:

All bikes must be in good condition with working gears and brakes!! 

Bronze athletes are typically 8-11 years old. They must already know how to ride a bike and be ROAD SAFE. This means they must know how to handle their bike near cars, pedestrians, and (especially) other cyclists. There will be times when they are biking on their own and they must understand safety. 

Silver athletes are typically 10-14+. Like the Bronze athletes, they must know how to ride and be ROAD SAFE. Road bikes are not necessary, but highly recommended. 

Elite team (SPEAR) athletes are typically 11-15 and must meet time standards for swim, bike, and run, as well as have the appropriate gear for elite competition including a road bike with drop style bars (no aerobars) and clips along with a swim-specific wetsuit.